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Monday, April 2, 2018

How to Fix Red Light Blinking Error in All Epson L Series Printers

All Epson L series printers are very good in service and printing but many times its sucks, e.g. color correction, a small line in printing page and the most common problem red light blinking on printer or i should call it ink pad replace alert on printer (its same).

That mean maximum printing is done for your old ink pad. you should change your ink pad, but wait a second all the time showing for changing ink pad i personally check the pad's, its till workable for more 1000-2000 print. but when you print almost 6700* then printer will say you for changing pad. 

but here the solution. you should try this resister app to reset print count in your printer. This re setter work with only Epson L130, L220, L310, L360, L365 printers only. 

here the downloads links:

Application Download Links : 
1. Rar : (2.2 MB) (Please extract with WinRAR Only)

2. Zip : (2.2 MB) (Please extract with WinRAR Only)

Please Note Those Files are Password protected, Password is 

Lets Started 

Step 1. After Download the application run it. Application may be protected by a password, after extract. run Adjprog.exe and click in Select (See Picture 001).

Picture 001
Step 2. after click on Select you have to Chose Model No. and Port (See Picture 002) before do that you have to connect your printer to your computer and turn it on)

Picture 002

Step 3. After Chose Model then Click on particular Adjustment Mode(See Picture 003)

Picture 003

Step 4. After that click on Waste Ink Pad Counter under maintains Category (See Picture 004).

Picture 004
Step 5. After That Tic on Main Pad Counter and Click on Check and wait some times. (See Picture 005)

Picture 005
Step 6. after checking how many pages you printed then you click on Initialize(See Picture 006) 

Picture 006
Step 7. When  its say please turn off your printer then click on printer power button. after turn off your printer click on OK (See Picture 007).

Picture 008
Step 8. When  its say please turn on your printer then click on printer power button. after turn on your printer click on OK (See Picture 008).

Picture 008
Step 7. When you turn on your printer you will see the red light blinking is stooped. Then click on Finish (See Picture 009).

Picture 009
Step 8. This re setter work with only Epson L130, L220, L310, L360, L365 printers only. if you try with other printers its will not working. 

Conclusion : this is a solution for temporary not permanent you should change your ink pad before its damaged your printer. my recommendation is use this methods only when its emergency or any other case.  main page counter limit is 6700* but you can use it (ink pad) at least 8000-10000 depend on your ink pad quality. my suggestion is change ink page after you reach 70000 page. if you face any problem then please comment here. we not develop this application. we just found this on internet, if you face any data lose error or virus problem then we are not responsible.  

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