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Sunday, January 14, 2018

How to Setup Face Unlock (Face ID) on any Android Mobile

How to Get Super-Fast Face Unlocking on Your Current Android Phone

Facial recognition is officially the next big thing in smartphones, thanks to companies like Samsung, Apple and, most-recently, OnePlus. Google has actually offered a similar feature with Android for years called “Trusted face,” but it’s nowhere near as fast or convenient as the current competition.

Thankfully, if you’re still holding on to an older Android phone, you can use a facial unlock feature similar to what’s available on the new OnePlus 5T. All you need is a little extra software.

How to Get OnePlus 5T-Style Facial Recognition on an Old Android Phone

To start, you’ll need a phone running Android 7.0 or up. You’ll also need to install Tasker, an automation app available from Google Play for $2.99, along with the latest beta version (via XDA-Developers) of popular Tasker plugin AutoInput, which focuses on user interface navigation.

It’s also worth noting that this hacked-together feature won’t be as secure as Apple’s Face ID or even OnePlus’ Face Unlock. That’s because it still relies on Google’s less advanced “Trusted face” software. So if you’re especially worried about security, this isn’t for you. For most people, though, it should provide more than enough protection against anyone trying to snoop on your smartphone.

Once you’re ready, all you need to is open AutoInput and set up so that “Trusted face” will automatically skip the lock screen once it registers you’re face, bringing you straight to your home screen just like on the OnePlus 5T.

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