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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Best Graphics Card For Gaming CPU Rs 2000 to 12000 [January 2018]

Best Graphics Card for Gaming CPU

Today I will give you the list of Best Graphics card for gaming. Well, I will give you full detail about those Graphic Cards and tell you the lowest price of it. Actually, these devices you can purchase at the price range between Rs. 2000 to 60000. Some of the users are new here and they don’t know the Graphics Card. They will think What is Graphic Card? Don’t worry I am here to explain you from scratch.

What is Graphics Card?

A Computer Hardware that can improve the Gaming performance and the quality of videos and photos which will render in your Computer Monitor. or Laptop’s Screen.

Why your Computer should have the best video (Graphics) card for Gaming? 

This is very simple. To make High-End Games compatible with your PC. Well, if you can’t able to run some of the high-end Games with this error video memory is low or Game is not compatible with your PC. Then there is only one problem that your motherboard systems are outdated and you need to upgrade your hardware capabilities to compete with gaming specs. However, if you already upgraded your Hardware systems then you should also upgrade Graphic card.

Best Graphics Card Under Rs 2,000 to 3000 

Price Between:- 2500 To 30000

This Graphic card the latest in the market. Actually, EN210 is the successor of the below hardware and it is designed for better performance. That means this graphic card will give you best Graphics when you play games. If you wonder that this Graphic card will work on your PC, then don’t worry it is also same like others video cards to support all PC’s. It has the 64-bit architecture based on 1GB DDR3 VRAM. And its clock speed is 1200 MHz. This Graphic card price is just Rs 2853. So, it is the best option to buy that graphic card. 

Price Between:- 5000 To 6000 

This card installed with 15 + Cuda core CPU which is great and it can able to process 1000 of Kilo Bytes data per second. It features with 500 megahertz DDR3 1GB RAM with 8 gigabyte/sec transfer speeds, 64-bit architecture. Geforce 210 can easily able to handle games that run at 2560 x 1600 resolution. Actually, it uses v4.1 it can be used on windows 7 and higher system with the help of direct X 10.1 or Open GL 3.2. It is built NVidia’s PureVideo HD, Cuda, gigathread, Lumenex Engine technologies. 

Price Between:- 2400 To 3000 

This XFX One ON-XFX1-PLS2 Radeon HD 5450 1GB 64-Bit DDR3 is approx under Rs 2800 and comes with 80 Cuda core CPU and v5.0 shader. Its clock rate is 650 MHz/sec. This device features with 450 MHz RAM with DDR architecture with 12.9 GB/sec. However, it requires Direct X 11 or version 3.2 of OpenGL installed on Computer or laptop.

Best Graphics Card under Rs 3,000 and 5,000 

Price Between:- 3000 To 3800 

This Video card is really very famous among hardcore gamers. ZOTAC GT610 has a v5 shader, 1 FAN and 48 Cuda core processor with 900 MHz clock speed. It will come with an impressive 2GB RAM DDR3 Graphics which is supported by 64-bit architecture Computers and Laptops. This video card will support Open GL Direct X 11 rendering tech. This Gaming video card will come with VGA DSub, DVI and HDMI ports. It featured with Purevideo HD and TrueHD technology. To give you amazing high-quality sound this video card has HD DTS audio hardware.

This video card is also good enough to run your High-End Games. It has Graphics memory of 2GB DDR3 RAM. This device use power supply less compare to PowerColor Radeon™ R5 230 2GB DDR3 HDMI FAN (UEFI Ready) (AXR5 230 2GBK3-LHE) just only 300W. This device will support full resolution for the computer. It also supports 3D like if you want 3d Game then this video card is perfect. You can just buy it and see the difference from others. Actually, the price of this device is a little bit higher compared to other Graphic Cards.

Here comes Gainward Nvidia Graphics card. Gainward Nvidia GT610 has 2GB of RAM and it has 810MHz clock speed. It requires power supply of 300 W which is pretty good. It has 48 Cuda Core clocked at 810MHz. Gainward has PCI-Express 2.0 BUS Standard. This is the best graphics cards under Rs 4000. You should buy this graphics cards.

Here is also another product of Nvidia in this list of best graphics card for gaming. Radeon 6670 has 480 stream processor ( with 800 MHz clock speed ). This video card comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM main memory and it can easily support the latest version for Directx and OpenGL for rendering graphics. With HDCP, 3D support, AMD/ATI Radeon 6670 requires the power supply of 300W which is greater when you compare with AMD graphics.

Here is also another product of AMD/ATI in this list of best graphics card for gaming. Radeon 6670 has 480 stream processor ( with 800 MHz clock speed ). This video card comes with 1GB DDR3 RAM main memory and it can easily support the latest version fo Directx and OpenGL for rendering graphics. With HDCP, 3D support, AMD/ATI Radeon 6670 requires the power supply of 400W which is greater when you compare with NVidia graphics.

Best Graphics Card under 10,000 

750TI is the main successor of GeForce 740 and 730. So, their performance is better to compare to another type of video cards. This video card supports less power as it uses 400W. It has various new technologies that are helping to consume less energy and it can serve the best gaming performance with this best Graphics card. Zotac Nvidia GTX 750TI has very powerful GPU that clock rate is 1033 MHz. This Video card has PCI BUS, 2 DVI, and Single HDMI output port.

Image result for Gigabyte AMD Radeon R7 240 GDDR3-2GB DVI-D HDMI D-SUB OC Video Graphics Cards GV-R724OC-2GI REV2.0

AMD made their video cards at such low cost compare to Nvidia. However, this video card R7 is powered by 384 Cuda core processor that clock speed is at 1000 to 1058 MHz. It has the special feature that when you want to boost the gaming performance and graphics to more attractive then this card will do the job for you. It is equipped with 1 GB DDR5 RAM and can support latest Directx and openGL. This amazing GPU also has 1 VGA sub output, 1 DVI, Mini HDMI output and connector. It requires 500 watts of the power supply. 

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