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Sunday, September 3, 2017

WhatsApp Android Update Now select and send multiple contacts at once

WhatsApp is testing a new features that will soon let select and send multiple contacts at once. First reported by Android Police, the feature is in beta stage and seen on an Android device. The report notes that updated version may somewhere be between 2.17.122 to 2.17.123.

Currently the WhatsApp allows you to share only one contact at a time. To share multiple contacts you need to tap and send each contact individually one at a time. With the latest update, you will be allowed to share more than one contact at once.

How to select multiple contacts ?
Open the chat window where you want to share the contacts. Now go to the attachment icon and select Contact. The Contacts Window opens now. Simply tap on all the contacts you wish to share . You will see that all the selected contacts are aligned at the top. Now press the green arrow that denotes the go button. The next window shows all the contact details, tap on the go arrow. For eg.,if you have shared 10 contacts and one of the shared contact's name is Akash, then the shared contacts will appear as Akash and 9 more contacts.

We updated our WhatsApp and tried sending multiple contacts to a contact. What was noticeable that there was no limit on the number of contacts as we were able to share more than 50 contacts at once and still could select more.

WhatsApp recently also introduced the ability to share more than 10 photos at once in the chat. Now you can select and send 30 photos at once in the chat app. Also iOS users can now align messages even when offline. The messages will be delivered once the device comes in internet zone.

[Source IndialToday]

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