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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Top Useful Android Tips And Tricks You Should Know [2017]

Android was most popular mobile OS in 2017. Whether you are new to Android and eager to try out every available option you see on the screen, or familiar with the system, including the annoyances that plague you on a daily basis, tips and tricks to get around a system is always helpful. We are here to help you with that.

In this post, we are featuring 10 useful Android tips and tricks that may improve your experience while using your Android device. Do note that the steps may vary a little from one Android phone to another due to the differences in the build and the OS version, but if you play around with it, the next step isn’t too far off.

1. Disable App Notifications

Bugged by annoying app notifications that just keep coming? If you don’t know already, these app notifications also drain your phone’s battery. If you want to turn them off, and you are on Jelly Bean 4.1 and above, here’s how: 
On any of your unwanted notifications in your notification bar, long press on the notification for a message box to appear. 
Tap on App Info > Untick Show Notifications > OK. 

2. Set Mobile Data Limit

Want to keep track of how far your usage is from your monthly mobile data limit? If you have ICS and above, there is a feature which lets you keep track of how much of the quota you have left. 
Head over to Settings > Data Usage. 
Set your data limit by dragging the orange line to reflect your monthly quota. 
Set your data usage cycle based on when your “month” starts and ends, and you’re done. 

You will be alerted once you hit the limit you have set. Note that the tracked data usage of your phone may vary slightly than your carrier’s tracking.

3. Add Multiple Google Accounts

You need a Google account to use an Android phone but did you know you can choose to run more than one Google account on your Android device. This is convenient if you use more than one account for several of your Google services. To add multiple Google accounts: 
Go to Settings > Add account. 
Select Google and setup your New or Existing Google account. 
Once added, choose what you want to sync with the account. 

Repeat all the steps above if you want to add more accounts.

4. Disable automatic App Updates

Prefer to read through app permissions and manually pick which app updates to adopt? You can, but first you need to disable your automatic app updates. Here are the steps: 
Open Play Store and head over to Settings. 
Tap on Auto-update apps. 
Choose Do not auto-update apps. 

If you want to enable the auto updates, follow the same path and choose Auto-update apps at any time or via Wi-Fi (available for certain Android devices only).

5. How To Check For android System updates

For Android users that are using stock ROM, you may want to look for new updates to your system. To check for updates: 
Go to Settings > About phone/tablet. 
Tap on System updates. 
Tap Check now to look for system updates. 

6. Disable Animations

Here’s a tip on how to make your Android device run a bit smoother: disable its animations. You will need to have access to Developer Options which can be found under Settings or About device.

Note: For some phones, you may need to go to Build number and tap on it repeatedly until you see “You are now a developer!”. Developer options are now enabled.

Under enabled Developer options, look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. Then, turn them off (disable) them one at a time.

7. How to Turn Off Auto-Correction
Hate the fact that your phone is going English teacher mode on you? Turn off auto-correction for peace of mind when texting. 
Go to Settings > Language & input. 
Tap on the settings icon next to the keyboard that you are using, e.g. Google Keyboard. 
Look for Auto-correction and tap on it. 
Select Off to turn auto-correction off. 

8) Manage App Notifications

Moving on one step further from the previous tip, after you’ve long-pressed the app you’ll see an information icon. Press it, and you’ll be presented with the notification settings for the app in question.

You can do things like block all its notifications, allow it to override priority mode, and make it hide private information.

9) Smart Lock

Smart lock is super useful. It removes the need to use a keypad lock when you’re at home or in another “trusted” environment.

It can use GPS, certain networks, your face, or even your voice to prevent your phone from locking itself, making for a much faster and hassle-free experience.

Head to Settings > Security > Smart lock to set it up.

10) Secret Game

Another well-known Android Easter egg among old-timers, the secret game might not be so obvious to newcomers. Lollipop and Marshmallow’s game is based on Flappy Bird; it has the same gameplay principle but has had an Android-themed makeover graphics-wise.

Head to Settings > About phone and tap the device’s version number several times. Eventually you’ll be presented with an on-screen lollipop or marshmallow depending on your operating system. Continue to rapidly tap the center of it and the game will launch.

Your Tips?

What tips and tricks can you pass on to your fellow Android users?

Let us know your best ones in the comments section below!

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