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Sunday, September 24, 2017

How to Install Apps/Games As System Apps/Games in Android

After you have rooted your Android phone and delete the Pre-installed applications and everything .... now one question is how can we install a downloaded user applications such as application system For example, launcher is used instead of throwing action thrower and the system launcher has been uninstalled how can you install nova as a system launcher To install applications as a system application, you need two things: 

1) Rooted Phone 
2) File Explorer ES 

Download the latest version of ES File Explorer from playstore or from there homepage

After you install the browser, open it

It will show tutorial skip all 
Tap the top three line at the top left 
Click the tools Enable root explorer

Superuser will ask for permission, allow it

If Apps/games is not Installed then Follow Process A. just copy the setup fine (.apk) and past. 

If Apps/Games is Already is Installed then Follow Process B. then follow Process A.



Process B


In top part where (sd card) or (0) is displayed click it 

Click on device

Go to folder (Data) then (app)

Folder data

Subfolder app inside data folder

Installed Apps Folders

base.apk the file

****All installed app (if not moved to sd stays there)*****
Now select the apk of app or game(FOR EXAMPLE base.apk) you want to move as system app cut it (not copy)


Process A


Go Back to device folder

device folder

folder app and priv app


priv app folder and app folder both are system app folder difference is priv-app is for core system apps like settings app,telecom service app etc and app folder is general system apps*****

1)Open folder (system) then folder (app) and paste it there
2)After it is done tap and hold that apk
3)In right hand side bottom corner 
4)Click on more properties
5)Open permissions
6)Under read check all
7)Under write only check owner
8)Under execute don't check any thing leave it blank
9)Now reboot the device and ITS DONE.

Apk Permission



Some Apps Like Cyanogenmod Screencast App Or Viper4Android App Requires A Folder Inside Which Apk Needs To Be Before Moving As System App

Process Is Same
1)After Moving The Apk To System>App Or Priv-App Folder
2)Create A Folder On System>App Or Priv-App Where U Have Pasted The Apk
3)Name The Folder As App Name Of course
4)Cut The .apk file Into that newly created folder
5)Now Select That Folder Open Properties Then Permissions
6)Set Folder Permissions As

Folder Permission
7)Now Open The Folder And Set .apk permission as mentioned earlier on GENERAL SECTION

Apk Permission

Now reboot the device and ITS DONE.

This post may be copied from another blog, i don't have the source name and website. if you are original publisher please contact us.

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